Impressions of our English Project Week

Time flies when you are having fun – our week of total immersion into the English language passed so quickly! Get an impression of our yummy breakfast, interesting projects, extraordinary stories, dramatic sketches, excellent photos and last but not least, the funniest trainers in the world. Fotos: 

English Project Weeks

It has become something like a sweet and very much appreciated tradition for our year-four students to take part in an English Project week in February.
This means a week of English only, a week spent with children from other classes, a week away from their regular teachers but with trainers from various parts of the English speaking world (from South Africa to Australia) and completely different and sometimes even astonishing backgrounds.

If you happen to see them walking along the corridors just ask them about their week and you will get feedback like „Great!“, „Such fun!“, „I haven’t realised my English is that good already.“

At the end of the week all 124 students show their fellow mates what they have been working on in their workshops (drama, photography, culture, …) .

FACE your fears

During the last few weeks the students from 5CME/5DME worked on a portfolio about the young adult novel FACE by the British author Benjamin Zephaniah.

The novel deals with Martin, a 15-year-old boy living in East End London together with his friends Natalie, Matthew and Mark. One hot summer holiday night, the teenagers go out, when Matthew and Mark become involved in a tragic car accident. This incident changes Martin’s life forever due to the fact that his face is burnt.

On the basis of the novel the students not only discussed the most important topics, such as multicultural London, friendship, acceptance or facial deformities in class, but also through working intensely on several creative tasks via their portfolio. All of the students handed in amazing ideas.

Some of the best works can be seen below.

Murder on the Orient Express

Class 5A celebrated the last school day in year 2017 with their headteacher Prof. Voß-Peichl in the cinema, watching clever Hercule Poirot solve a tricky murder case on the famous Orient Express on a cold winter’s


Great cast, stunning scenery, witty dialogues and delicous popcorn in the cosy „Beisl-Kinosaal“ in Cinema Paradiso, St. Pölten.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Informationsabend zum Austauschprogramm 2018 mit St. John’s Prep School

Herzliche Einladung zum Informationsabend
zum Austauschprogramm 2018 mit St. John’s Prep School
für alle Eltern und SchülerInnen der 5. Klassen

Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017 um 18.00 Uhr
in der 1A Klasse, Hauptgang

Kurzinformationen zum Programm hier!

Auf Ihr Kommen freut sich

Mag. Johannes Eichhorn (Ami-Direktor)

School Uniform Day

What if we had school uniforms at our school? How would we feel? What would be different? What would it look like if everybody wore the same? Would we lose anything? The English teachers of all 5th forms (Prof. Bichler, Eichhorn, Führer, Haider and Voß-Peichl) decided to make an experiment, to enable students to really undergo a change and live to see, what it is like to wear a uniform and not just read and talk about it. Thus, all students dressed smartly (boys in suits and girls in skirts and blouses ). All the looks were on them, what a feeling!     Fotos … (mehr …)

English Talents / English Literature (Unterstufe)

You love English?!?!

Yes? Then come and join the club for English Talents!
We will read stories, watch films, act out scenes, write sketches, go to the English cinema and eat English food.
The club starts some time in October and ends in April. Tuesday, 8th/9th period. I’m really looking forward to meeting you! Yours, Prof. Voß-Peichl

The Hound of the Baskervilles – Vienna’s English Theatre

DSC_0961The students of the 4th and 5th forms enjoyed the thrilling and entertaining play THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES on May 4th. The star detective Sherlock Holmes and his good friend Dr Watson solved one their most popular cases and found the murderer of Sir Charles Baskerville near Grimpen Mire  (in our Kolomanisaal).  Everybody had a jolly good time. Photos

Robbery at Silver Mansion

Sherlock Holmes better beware because there is a new detective in town!

Am Freitag, den 28.4. stellten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 1A ihr schauspielerisches Talent bei einer englischen Aufführung unter Beweis. Nachdem sie engagiert eigene Drehbücher verfasst hatten, brillierten sie auf der Bühne und lösten die kniffligsten Fälle. Schlussendlich konnten alle gestohlenen Halsketten und das Familienvermögen wieder an die ursprünglichen Besitzer zurückgegeben werden.

6AB Dublin in March 2017


‚Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.‘ Thomas Fuller

If you want to see photos of our trip, click the pic!
Also read the students‘ blog entries.

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6AB – Language Week in Dublin 2017

6A and 6B classes, together with their English teachers Mag. Eva Forstinger and Mag. Johannes Eichhorn, are looking forward to an exciting week in Dublin (March 20 – 27, 2017).
Share our trip and experiences by reading our blogs, photos included. YOU = parents, friends and teachers are also welcome to comment on our blog entries. Blog 6A      Blog 6B

Certificate of Advanced English

Last December again twelve students of the eighth forms proved their great knoweldge of the English language by taking the CAE exams in Vienna. During the written exam, they had to show their ability in listening comprehesion, reading, English in use as well as their writing skills through creating several dfifferent formal and informal texts types. In addition to that, fluency and accuracy during a conversation or discussion in the target language was tested as well. (candidates on the picture from left to right: Lena Schützenhofer (8B), Stefanie Holl (8B), Laura Parrer (8B), Lena Baumgartner (8B), Lisa Eßbüchl (8B), Katharina Rank (8D), Berenike Lellig (8B), Sophie Heindl (8A), Carina Berger (8A), Lisa Ballwein (8A), Kerstin Willim (8A), Frau Prof. Führer, Herr Direktor Eder)   (mehr …)

La La Land

On Tuesday, March 7, the English Talents and parts of classes 4e and 3d spent an entertaining afternoon together. After the train ride and some refreshments we watched the fairy-tale like Oscar-winning movie „La La Land“ in cinema paradiso. Opinions about the film varied from „fantastic“ to „disappointing“. 

EPW – Exhibition and presentations

The successful and very much appreciated English Project Week ended with an exhibition along the main corridor and presentations of what was done in the workshops. Enthusiastic students presented songs, poems, sketches and posters to their fellow classmates, pupils from other classes, teachers and our headmaster Dir. Eder.

The overall feedback that was given: It was fantastic!!!!










EPW – Update


„Such a great week!“

„It’s funny, interesting and we even learn something!“

„More Workshops, please!“

English Project Week

A week of English only for all our fourth forms has begun! A week full of brilliant activities, entertaining games, even grammar exercises but always great fun. They all enjoy speaking to their trainers coming from various English speaking parts of the world – from Miami to Cape Town, from Chicago to Australia! Visit the exhibition (Hauptgang) on Friday to get an idea about  what was done in the eight different workshops (drama, music, photography, peace and activism, culture, …) If you walk along our corridors in the breaks, you will easily notice who is participating and who is not! Just watch out for sparkling eyes and big smiles!

The secret tales of an Irish Language Week

Welcome to the secret tales of an Irish Language Week

All you need to know about Molly Malone

The secret pictures of an Irish language week part 1
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The secret pictures of an Irish language week part 3

The secret videos of an Irish language week part 1
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6AB – Language Week in Dublin/City, Ireland

IMG_3842From 7th to 14th April the 6A and 6B classes, together with Prof. Riegler and Prof. Eichhorn, spent an unforgettable week in Dublin/City. What it was like? See the pictures.

By the way, to get more information on the week, read the blog posts the students have written. Don’t forget to leave a comment!
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