Cambridge Advanced Certificate

Again a selected group of this year’s eighth form students successfully participated in the Cambridge Advanced Certificate exam in Vienna . Our candidates had to prove their knowledge of English in all five competences (writing, reading, listening, language in use and speaking) and were tested on level C1, which is above Matura level. All our candidates achieved outstanding results and received their official certificates within a small ceremony party in the teacher’s room, where Headmaster Eder and Miss Führer congratulated them warmly.

Candidates: Sophie Mattes (8A), Anna-Maria Schober (8A), Sarah Winter (8A), Caterina Baierl (8B), Marlies Eichmair (8B), Iris Faffelberger (8B), Magdalena Gruber (8B), Carmen Schöberl (8C), Hannah Breuer (8D), Katharina Stocker (8D)