English Project Week

Speaking English six lessons a day? Learning grammar while having fun? Writing poems and stories, singing songs and acting out sketches? Talking to natives from all over the world?

If you can answer these questions with a YES then you are definitely one of 142 fourth formers taking part in this year’s ENGLISH PROJECT WEEK! What a blast!

Frankenstein and our creatures

After reading the new class reader, the graphic novel Frankenstein, and talking about various aspects dealt with in this classic novel, class 6a received bags full of „junk“ – paper clips, pieces of felting, toy eyes, corks, straws, dressings etc. The task was to create a creature of their own and invent a life story for them. Enthusiastically class 6a started to play creators!  We are looking forward to the presentations and „Book of Lives“.

Cambridge Advanced Certificate 2018/19

The 8th form students who are especially talented in English again participated in the international Cambridge Advanced Certificate exam in Vienna and reached outstanding results. With 18 high qualified candidates, who all passed a written as well as an oral exam reaching level C1 or C2 in English, the school was again extremely successful.

Candidates: Blanca Lechner (8A), Jakob Enengl (8B), Anna Schrattenholzer (8B), Linda Gosch, Katharina Hackner, Alexandra Heuböck, Laura Kiefer, Hannah Krautinger, Sarah Lang, Julia Mistelbacher, Alexa Neswadba, Marie Pichlbauer (all 8C), Katja Baumgartner, Georg Brack, Valentin Dirnegger, Paul Kerschbaumer, Jonas Schmutzer, Christina Sturath (all 8D).

Letters from England

The students of the 2nd form have received a very special parcel these days. It contained about 80 letters from England, each and everyone of them written in German by students of Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, a girls-only grammar school in southeast England. The senders are in their second year of learning German as a second language and told our students about their personal life, their family and pets as well as their last summer holidays. The letters were decorated very nicely with photos, drawings and colours, so that our students were already eager to answer their newly found penfriends, this time in English of course.

English Project Week

A week of English only for all our fourth forms has begun! A week full of brilliant activities, entertaining games, even grammar exercises but always great fun. They all enjoy speaking to their trainers coming from various English speaking parts of the world – from Miami to Cape Town, from Chicago to Australia!

Visit the exhibition (Hauptgang) on Friday to get an idea about  what was done in the eight different workshops (drama, music, photography, peace and activism, culture, …)

If you walk along our corridors in the breaks, you will easily notice who is participating who is not! Just watch out for sparkling eyes and big smiles!

English only! (Update)

From 22nd February to 26th February, the students of year four were enjoying an English project week, a week of total immersion into the English language!
Working on various projects, playing games, speaking and listening to natives from different English speaking countries was not only good fun but also rewarding. The projects were presented on an exhibition on Friday (5th and 6th lesson).

Photos Workshops …
Photos Presentation …

4th/5th Forms – English Theatre „Undercover Star“

IMG_4970The students of the 4th and 5th forms enjoyed the vivid and entertaining production „Undercover Star“ by Robin Kingsland (Vienna’s English Theatre) on Thursday, 11th February. The story revolves around Hannah Grainger, a fashion design student, who accidentally delves into the world of a pop star, Ivy Rose. She gets to know about the up and downs of a celebrity’s life to finally realise how convenient an ordinary life can be. Photos …

For further information see:  http://www.schooltours.at/tour-201516/orange-tour/


Geschützt: Webquest 6D: Conflict in Syria

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In Molly Malone’s Fair City …

One week of full immersion into Irish culture, lifestyle and the English language – that was this year’s language week of classes 6C and 6D together with their teachers Johannes Eichhorn, Silvia Zeller and Doris Sommer.

Our enjoyable but still exhausting days always started with morning classes with native teachers at ATC Language School in the city centre. The afternoons and evenings were enriched by a great variety of activities and excursions such as Irish dancing, a visit of the home of Gaelic sports (Croke Park Stadium), Glendalough, and Kilmainham Gaol (jail) – the historic site that led us even deeper into Irish history. A breathtaking cliff walk on the Howth peninsula and a few hours on Malahide’s sandy beaches rounded off our Irish experience. Our Irish hosts welcomed us with warm hospitality, which made it even harder to say goodbye.

ATC Language School
Group Pictures
Guided Tour through Dublin
Howth and Malahide

The Gruffalo Party

GruffaloOn Friday 11th April class 1E presented the play „The Gruffalo“ in the library. Parents, brothers and sisters were impressed by the great performance of the young and talented children. The show, the music, the costumes and masks contributed to a successful evening. Afterwards we all enjoyed home-made Gruffalo cakes in the school’s Treffpunkt.