School Uniform Day

What if we had school uniforms at our school? How would we feel? What would be different? What would it look like if everybody wore the same? Would we lose anything?

The English teachers of all 5th forms (Prof. Bichler, Eichhorn, Führer, Haider and Voß-Peichl) decided to make an experiment, to enable students to really undergo a change and live to see, what it is like to wear a uniform and not just read and talk about it. Thus, all students dressed smartly (boys in suits and girls in skirts and blouses ). All the looks were on them, what a feeling!     Fotos …

The students, their teachers and the headmaster met in the library and could listen and talk to three girls from different 7th forms, who spent five weeks last summer at a High School in Australia where they had to wear school uniforms. What is more, each class is going to work on a follow-up project concerning uniforms in the upcoming week.

Not everybody was happy about the experiment, and nobody would really appreciate school uniforms at our school, but on this day students took pride in the fact that they all belong here together. Additionally, they all loved the admiring glances they got from teachers, other pupils and staff members when walking along the corridors.